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We believe distance shouldn't separate us from what we care about. That's why we're on a mission to keep people close to what’s important. As a company, we're focused on helping our customers connect with the places, people, things that matter to them.

Our Story

Innovation from the start.

We started in a garage in 2012 when our founder asked a simple question: what if you could answer the front door from your phone? What if you could be there without needing to actually, you know, be there? After many late nights and endless tinkering, our first Video Doorbell was born.

That invention has grown into over a decade of ground-breaking products and next-level features. At the core of everything we’ve done and everything we’ve yet to build, is that same inventor's spirit and drive to bridge the distance between people and what they care about. Whatever it is, at Ring we’re committed to helping you be there for it.

About Us - Our Story

Our Products

Connection in your hands.

From that very first Video Doorbell, all the way up to the latest 3D Motion Detection, everything we dream, design, obsess over and engineer, is fuelled by the desire to bring people closer.

We didn’t stop at the front door. We’re always searching for new places to bring into view: your home, or even your business. Whether it’s sounding a siren with a tap or answering the door while you’re away, every device and service we create is meant to help you feel connected, secure and empowered.

Our products

Our Commitment

Keeping communities close.

At Ring, we’re not just keeping you close to your home and your business, but also to your community. We believe engaged communities are stronger communities and we’re committed to connecting people to their neighbourhoods through Community Programs and support for mission-based organisations.

Learn more about how we’re working with communities and neighbourhoods across the world.

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Stay in the know.

From tips on how to get the most out of your Ring devices to the latest product announcements, the Ring Blog has you covered. Stay up-to-date with our smart home guides, helpful how-to’s, neighbourhood stories, newest launches and more - all in one place.

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